Periodic report M01-M18

Summary of the context and overall objectives of the project  (from periodic report by month 18)

The main issue of the project is to support the development of standards, guidelines and practices for environmental protection, economic development and other activities in the Arctic. There is growing human presence and footprint in the Arctic combined with a dramatic change in the climate and environment. This requires rules, regulations, guidelines, etc. which need to be adapted to local and regional conditions. There is no “standard Arctic”, only a variety of highly diverse regions and communities.   At present there is no framework for integrating ongoing work on standardization among Indigenous and local communities, commercial operators and governance bodies. People living and working in the Arctic need to operate according to ethics, norms, informal agreements, conventions, guidelines, common practices, best practice, international standard, etc. These are elements of the “standardisation continuum” which need to evolve in the various Arctic regions to support the sustainable economic development, safe activities, emergency prevention and response, and improved understanding and conservation of the environment.

The report consists of three parts, following the template provided by the EU. The documents were completed by 31 July 2021

1) Technical report Part A:  publishable summary, example of figures and a number of forms extracted from the EU-portal. I filled in these forms as well as I could.  The list of publications and number of dissemination activities is tentative and will be updated later (attached)

2) Technical report Part B: Summary of progress and report from each WP and Task. This is based on the text you provided which I have reorganised somewhat to make it more readable (attached).  

3) Financial report provided by each partner (not attached, the part from UoG is missing).