WP2: Case studies in Greenland

WP2 objectives:

  1. Establish dialogue and collaboration with actors in Greenland related to development of guidelines and standards,
  2. Organize a workshop on natural resource management in Greenland, and
  3. Organize a research school on digital technologies and development of standards guidelines related to CBM programs and resources management.


WP2-leader: Finn Danielsen (NORDECO)

Work in WP2 will address resource management in Greenland, which is one of the major challenges in development of sustainable communities. Management for sustainable resource exploitation builds on ecosystem knowledge obtained through environmental monitoring, and on advanced methods for estimating the climate-driven changes in stocks. In this work we address how community-based monitoring can be strengthened through use of new technologies and improved standards. The case study will review the community-based monitoring (CBM) systems in Greenland and use these to develop draft guidelines and standard for CBMs. With assistance from INTAROS, Greenland Ministry of Fisheries has, with many partners, developed an observing system, PISUNA, which will be used in the review (http://www.pisuna.org/uk_index.html).

WP2 tasks:

  • Task 2.1 Dialogue with Greenland actors
  • Task 2.2 Workshop with focus on resource management in Greenland
  • Task 2.3 Research school on technologies for sustainable development in Greenland