CAPARDUS - Capacity-building in Arctic standardization development
Coordination and support Action under EC Horizon 2020 - Grant Agreement no. 869673
Project coordinator: Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center


Citizen science in the High Arctic: collaboration between Hearts in the
Ice and UNIS. 
Photo: Hilde Fålun Strøm. 


Collecting data on local fishery resources in rives and lakes is an example
of Community-based monitoring (CBM).   
Photo: M. Enghoff.


Participants in a workshop on CBM, in support of cultural heritage
research, organized in Longyearbyen in August 2022.  
Photo: NERSC

2023-19 June: A storymap on highlight activities in Greenland and Svalbard has been prepared by NINA. 

2023-08-09 June: Workshop on Practices, Guidelines and Standards connected to Arctic Safety.  The workshop was held in Longyearbyen at Polheim and was attended by ca 15 participants. The programme had focus on terrestrial safety on day 1 and maritime safety on day 2. 

In Svalbard and other Arctic regions, the increased human activities requires that knowledge about safety is built up and disseminated to people who travel, work or live in these regions. There is a number of research projects addressing risk and safety for terrestrial as well as maritime activities, many of which have focus on the Svalbard region. The Governor provides information on safety measures for tourists and visitors regarding clothes and equipment during field excursions, polarbear protection, weather and snow conditions, and other environmental hazards. At UNIS the Arctic Safety Centre has been established providing research, education and training in Arctic safety topics, because there is a growing demand for knowledge among visitors as well as the local inhabitants. 

2023 -20-21 May: Seminar and Final meeting in Nuuk, Greenland. The draft programme for the 2-day event is attached. The seminar took place  at University of Greenland's premises and with the title: Inclusion of local knowledge / user knowledge  in resource management in Greenland. The second day had focus on presenting results from all workpackages of CAPARDUS. 

2023 - 09 March: ISAR-7 conference in Tokyo: A presentation of CAPARDUS was given in the session "Toward sustainable Arctic - developing a network of Arctic researchers and other Arctic stakeholders.

2023 - 23 February: Workshop with focus on Arctic Practice System design.  The workshop was an open event during the Arctic Science Summit Week in Vienna, with 12 participants attending in-person. The workshop was led by Annette Breckwoldt, AWI (photo below).


2023 - 07-08 February: Workshop on Practices, Guidelines and Standards in Svalbard tourism development, at Polheim in Longyearbyen. The workshop had focus on practices, guidelines and standards in topics of importance for people living and working in the Arctic. The topics addressed in the project include research activities, protection of nature and culture, shipping, tourism, resource exploitation, data sharing and safety of operations. This workshop addressed especially tourism in Svalbard and how the tourist actors strive to develop a sustainable business and comply with new regulations. The programme is available here


2022- 17 December: Promoting knowledge and rights of Arctic Indigenous Peoples through community-based monitoring.

Side-event under UN Convention on Biological Diversity COP15 in Montreal 7 - 18 December 2022, organised by Council of Yukaghirs Elders, Yakutia; CSIPN, Russia and NORDECO, Denmark. More information at University of the Arctic website and the programme for the side event.


2022 - 15-16 December: Ocean Data Dojo workshop: Building competence in FAIR data management in marine and citizen science., Workshop No. 2 - Recommendation for improved data value chains. See agenda and presentations.


2022 - 29 November - 01 December: Workshop in Aasiaat, Greenland - "Towards 'good practice' in the use of local and scientific knowledge in natural resource management. The workshop is organised by NORDECO, University of Greenland, University of Copenhagen, NINA and the Qeqertalik Municipality.  Final Programme in Greenlandic and English. One session will be an Arctic Practice System. A questionnaire was prepared to survey the requirements for such system in Greenland. The proceedings of the workshop is published.

Photo of Aasiaat  More information about Aasiaat


2022 - 01 November: Ocean Data Dojo - Building competence in FAIR data management in marine research and citizen science. Workshop no. 1. In person workshop funded by Svalbard Science Forum under Research Council of Norway.  Coordinator Torill Hamre, NERSC . See workshop programme and presentations


2022 - 13 October:  Session at Arctic Circle: Less talk - more action: UN goals in the Arctic, Tools & games workshop organized by: Nordic Marine Think Tank, Denmark; University of Bergen, Norway; SINTEF Ocean, Norway; ARCT/SDGCARDS.NO, Norway. Preliminary programme

Reykjavik 12-15 October 2022

2022 - 12 October: OBPS workshop VI: Capacity sharing in Arctic Community-Based Monitoring. Session organised by CAPARDUS:  Presentations and Summary

Logo OBPS workshop VI

2022 - 10 October: Public seminar in Longyearbyen "Fremtidens Svalbard - nye og gamle muligheter", organised by Fridtjof Nansens Institute. CAPARDUS was represented by Hilde Fålun Strøm who made a summary of the presentations. The agenda is available.


2022 - August 06 - 09: Workshop at UNIS in Longyearbyen The workshop "Community-based monitoring and Citizen science" was organised in collaboration between NERSC and NIKU.   Programme and presentations

trip to HiorthamnFrom the excursion to Hiorthamn

2022 - March 31: CAPARDUS session at ASSW in Tromsø. The Arctic Science Summit Week (ASSW) 2022 was organized from 26 March - 1 April 2022 in  by the International Arctic Science Committee (IASC) and co-hosted by UiT, The Arctic University of Norway, the Norwegian Polar Institute (NPI) and The Research Council of Norway (RCN). The session was hybrid with ca 20 in-person participants and in total about 35.  The agenda  and the presentations are available

Alaska photosThawing and coastal erosion in Alaska

2022 - January 13-14:  Progress meeting - online event for the project partners A summary of the meeting and all presentations are found here.

Examples of ongoing work

2021 - November 12: Use of future analysis and Bayesian Belief Network models in Greenland A side event at Science Week in Nuuk, Greenland, organised by Martin R. Nielsen, Roel May, Birger Poppel as a joint event between CAPARDUS and FutureArcticLives. See here.

Sustainable development in Greenland

2021 - November 4: Interdisciplinary workshop - SSSI, NERSC and partners. Side-meeting to Svalbard Science Conference 2-3 Nov. 2021 Agenda and report are available

INTERDIS sidemeeting 4 Nov 2021

2021 - October 29-31: A Svalbard Social Science Initiative workshop was organised in Longyearbyen Agenda and report are available 

Photos SSSI workshop 29-31 Oct 2021

2021 - September 20: CAPARDUS session at Ocean Best Practice System Workshop - Towards and Arctic Practices System.

Arctic Practices System High level charaterictics

2021 -  March 24: Workshop on Cultural heritage sites in Svalbard, collaboration with the CULTCOAST project

Photos from CULTCOAST project in Svalbard

2021 - February 21: Workshop on use of local knowledge in NAMMCO and other international bodies. Together with KNAPK (Association of Greenland Fishermen and Hunters), the CAPARDUS project organized a workshop to discuss the value of including resource users’ LK (local knowledge) in the activities of those international environmental agreements that are directly influencing the lives and livelihoods of Greenlandic and Arctic communities. More information found under workshops.  NAMMCO is an intergovernmental organization providing advice on marine mammal management in the North Atlantic, where Norway, Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands are member countries.


2020 - February 3-4: Kickoff meeting in Copenhagen.  All consortium partners attended the KO-meeting located at University of Copenhagen including the project officer from the Commission.


Title: Capacity-building in Arctic Standardisation Development
A Coordination and Support Action under H2020-LC-CLA-07-2019. Start date: 01 December 2019  End date: 31 May 2023
Coordinator: Stein Sandven, Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center