WP4: Case studies in Russia

WP4 objectives:

  1. Establish dialogue and collaboration with actors in Arctic Russia related to development of guidelines and standards, and
  2. Organize two workshops. The first workshop is on traditional knowledge and preparation of input to a digital platform in Sakha Yakutia. The second workshop has focus on the impact of the Yamal LNG industry project on environment and society.


WP4 leader and co-leader: Finn Danielsen (NORDECO) and Rodeon Sulyandziga (CSIPN)

Work in WP4 will address Indigenous peoples in Arctic Russia occupying vast territories of tundra and taiga. A large proportion of the population is directly or indirectly dependent on the use of natural resources. Fishing, hunting, reindeer herding and wild foods are important for their livelihoods. Global changes in climate have resulted in changes in the extent of ice and precipitation, with negative impacts on the Indigenous peoples. Other threats come from private sector development, particularly the large-scale development of oil and gas, mining, fishing and forestry concessions. 

WP4 tasks

  • Task 4.1: Dialogue with local communities, authorities and other actors
  • Task 4.2: Workshop on capacity building and development of standards
  • Task 4.3: Workshop on impact of the Yamal LNG project on economy, environment and societies