WP6: Arctic Common Practice System

WP6 objectives:

  1. Identify which local and international standards and best practices are essential in each use case (coordinated with WP1)
  2. Co-design an Arctic Common Practices System (ACPS) suited to the needs of stakeholders across use cases, and also be able to integrate key standards needed to support practices of stakeholders
  3. Examine outcome of the ACPS design and produce a roadmap towards implementation

WP6 leader and co-leader: Pier Luigi Buttigieg (AWI) and Jay Pearlman (IEEE)

The Arctic Common Practices System (ACPS) will build on the UNESCO/IOC Ocean Best Practices System (OBPS; www.oceanbestpractices.org), which was implemented to address similar challenges in the marine domain. The OBPS is hosting a forward-facing best practice management system in tune with standards in global ocean observing (e.g. linked to the Essential Ocean Variables). A similar system for the Arctic will be broader, more interdisciplinary and target a wider group of users. In CAPARDUS, the ACPS will be designed from practices and methods of the local communities and other actors who will be involved in the project though the workshops and research schools (WP2-WP5). Education and training in ACPS will be provided as part of the workshops, presenting the method and providing hands-on exercises on how to design, build and use the system. Particular focus will be on how the communities want to develop and use the ACPS  for the benefit their people. 

WP6 tasks

  • Task 6.1: Formulate a basis for coordinating common practices and standards
  • Task 6.2: Refine the Arctic Common Practice system design
  • Task 6.3: Provide a roadmap towards implementation of an Arctic Common Practice System