WP7: Synthesis, requirements and recommendations

WP7 objectives

The main objective is to synthesize the results from WP1 – WP6 into requirements and recommendations for sustainable development and safe operations in the Arctic according to the standards and guidelines identified in the project. 

WP7 leader and co-leader: Hanne Sagen and Stein Sandven (NERSC)

In this WP we will synthesize the results from WP1 to WP6. The work will be initiated and finalized through two workshops (mid-term and final). At the workshops CAPARDUS partners will discuss and formulate requirements and recommendations together with representatives from stakeholder groups, including the economic sectors and Indigenous organizations.  The synthesis will lead to a comprehensive framework as basis for development of future Arctic Standards addressing common challenges for communities and operators in the Arctic.

Development of Arctic standards and guidelines will need engagement, coordination and financial support at local, national and international level. To reach the level of implementation of an Arctic Standard targeting a specific area a roadmap needs to be formulated. In collaboration with stakeholders and funding agencies a template for such roadmaps will be developed.  The roadmap must contain elements of how to engage actors, which specific actions should be taken, and a cost plan, which require collaboration with investment funds and funding agencies. Such information is important for SMEs who plan start new and innovative activities.  The roadmap should also describe how standardisation continuum evolves from informal agreements to guidelines, standards, and in some cases to legislation.

Wp7 tasks

  • Task 7.1: Requirements and recommendations
  • Task 7.2: Roadmap for implementation of Arctic standards and guidelines