Ilisimatusarfik, University of Greenland (UoG)

Logo UoGIlisimatusarfik, University of Greenland (UoG), is an academic institution of graduate and post-graduate studies and research located in Nuuk, Greenland. Ilsimatusarfik is one of the smallest universities in the Arctic but has grown steadily since it was founded in 1984 and now consists of four institutes (Institute of Language, Culture and History; Institute of Social Science, Economics and Journalism; Institute of Learning; and Institute of Nursing and Health Science. Furthermore UoG has established a PhD-school. UoG has since January 1, 2010 been part of the ERASMUS University Charter. As of January 1, 2019 almost 800 Greenland full-time students and a growing number of international students are matriculated at UoG and14 PhD-students and 4 postdocs are enrolled. UoG has an annual budget of roughly € 12 million and has more than 100 employees of which 80 are educators and researchers. 

UoG will contribute to CAPARDUS with experience in conducting research in the diverse parts of Greenland with a large variety of stakeholders including local residents. UoG will further contribute to the research schools and workshops described under the case studies in Greenland. UoG will host the workshop held in Nuuk and facilitate and organize dialgue meetings.