Hokkaido University, Arctic Researh Centre


The Arctic Research Center (ARC-HU) is a Hokkaido University-affiliated research center with a focus on Arctic science. Our aim is to generate solutions to global problems through comprehensive and integrated research on the sustainable development and the conservation of the Arctic. For that purpose, our center gathers researchers of all fields in Hokkaido University, from natural sciences to human and social sciences, to foster cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research as well as exploratory studies.

ARC-HU role includes: 1) coordination and contribution of  Hokkaido University to the workshops and research schools in the project.  This is based on the long experience of Prof. Sei-Ichi Saitoh coordinating MEXT and other Arctic projects, 2) lead the summer school in Hokkaido University based on the experience of Professor Yasushi Fukamachi and Atsuko Sugimoto.