Progress meeting 27 April 2020

Topics for the meeting:

1) WP1 work plan for the coming weeks.  Contact persons engaged in the case studies and start to collect documents and links to standardisation work.

2) Use of Ocean Best Practice repository.  Pier-Luigi has ingested a workshop report from Svalbard as a test of how to use the repository. See It shows up in the search interface:

Also, Pauline has created an ARCTIC COMMUNITIES community for us [1], with a collection for Arctic Common Practices [2]



3) Workshop planning for 2020, what is the situation for i) Natural resource management workshop in Nuuk and ii) Arctic Shipping workshop in Svalbard

4) Deadline for session proposals where CAPARDUS plan to organise sessions:  Arctic Circle 8-11 October: 01 May and ASSW March 2021 : 22 May

Minutes of the meeting, go to

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