Meeting on co-design and co-production of knowledge 11 February 2021

The purpose of the meeting was to clarify our understanding of methods and processes related to co-design and co-production of scientific activities where scientists collaborate with local communities. The partners have different background and many are not familiar with the term co-design/co-production of knowledge.  It is related to how scientists converse with local communities, how they are involved in research projects. In CAPARDUS we plan to engage local communities in the co-design of the Arctic Practices System (APS), which is a concept of an information system to serve different user groups and communities in the Arctic. One of the goals of CAPARDUS is to design the APS as a useful tool to serve those communities we target in the case studies and ultimately for a broad community of Arctic stakeholders.  A first step should be to ask some basic questions on what and then how an APS would be able to support them in archiving, developing, and converging their methods, practices and standards.  In the co-design process, we need to approach the Indigenous communities in a different way than we do with the other groups, recognizing Indigenous rights including the right to Free Prior and Informed Consent, Indigenous data sovereignty, and the requests from Indigenous communities for early and significant involvement in research when it may be used to inform decisions that affect them. However, we need to ask similar questions to each of the communities

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