Internal workshop on co-design and co-production 25 February 2021

Internal Capardus project workshop on co-design

 Time: Thursday 25 February 14-17 CET (3 hours).


  1. Aligning our understandings of methods/processes related to co-design and co-production
  2. Agreeing on a process to use within CAPARDUS, including in the documentation of practices and in the library


14.00 Welcome by Stein. Agreement on agenda and assignment of rapporteurs.

14.05 Expectation to this meeting by Peter and Finn.

14.15-15.45 Experiences with respectful and effective co-design/co-production. Presentations from a number of persons, defining the terms, and sharing what from their experience is important (one slide with 3-5 bullets)

Each presenter is asked to answer on one slide:

1) What is the meaning of the term co-design/co-production in your context?

2) What are in your experiences important for a respectful and effective co-design/co-production process in your context?

14.15 Olivia (Alaska)

14.30 Noor (N America)

14.45 Lisbeth/Michael (Svalbard and the tourism community)

15.00 Jay/Pier Luigi (the information systems design community)

15.15 Martin (Greenland/Russia)

 15.45-15.50   Break

15.50-17.00 Discussion. Path forward: Towards an agreed process to use within CAPARDUS.

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