Progress meeting 13-14 January 2022

The objective of the meeting  was to report on the progress in the last six months, after the official periodic report submitted to EU on 31 July 2021. Most of the consortium members attended

WP1: Establishing a Comprehensive Framework for Arctic Standards, P. Pulsifer did not attend. Work has put on hold until a new person is employed and can work on the document analysis. Siri Jodha presented the Standards Matrix which illustrates the different dimensions of the Standardisation Continuum.

WP2: Case studies in Greenland.  A presentation entitled "Tracking social-ecologocal systems using Bayesian Belief Networks (BBN); a case study from inshore halibut fisheries in Greenland" was given by Roel May, Martin Reinhardt Nielsen, Birger Poppel and Henrik Meilby.  This is work is in good progress and demonstrates how BBN technologies may be important for collecting and integrating data, developing knowledge-based planning and informed decision making. The BBN methodology was presented at a side-meeting, led by Martin R. Nielsen, during the Greenland Science Week in Nuuk in November. Work has also been focused on guiding community monitoring groups and local authorities. The dialogue with KNARK and other actors have continued and a Polar Cluster zoom meeting was organised in October.

WP3: Case studies in Svalbard. A presentation was given by Lisbeth Iversen on activities carried out in collaboration with local community in Longyearbyen.  These include a citizen science project by "Hearts in the ice", involvement  in the protection plan for Adventdalen with the Governor and the Local Council, and organising workshops and public outreach in collaboration with the Svalbard Social Science Initiative.

WP4: Case studies in Russia.  Martin Enghof reported on the contacts with the groups in Yakutia and Kola Peninsula. A workshop in Murmansk was held online in November where NORDECO participated. Several online meetings have been held where guidance was given to community monitoring groups. Travel restrictions have prevented visits and physical meetings with the communities.

WP5: Case studies in USA. Work has focused on document review related to coastal hazards and CBM in Alaska. Planning of interviews with 12 -15 persons is in progress. Contribution was given to the survey on Arctic Practice System requirements in WP6.

WP6: Arctic Practice System: Jay Pearlman, Pier-Luigi Buttigieg, Jiri Sodha Khalsa and Pauline Simpson have continued to develope the Ocean Best Practice Arctic Community, where 84 documents were included as of 13 January. A CAPARDUS session was organsied as part of the OBPS Workhop 20-24 September. A survey for APS requirements have been prepared. A paper was submitted to Marine Policy Journal: “Two Eyes on the Sea: Opportunities for advancement of Indigenous approaches to ocean observing in the context of ocean sustainability" by Jay and Pier-Luigi. 

WP7: Synthesis, requirements and recommendations: This WP has not started

WP8: Communication and outreach:  activities are listed under Workshops and Meetings.

The presentations are attached below. The second day was devoted to review the workplan and suggest changes in work description, deliverables and schedule. The plan is to request a conrtact amendment to extend the project periord by 12 months

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