Zoom Coffee Chat on CBM and Citizen Science - 21 Oct. 2021

The purpose of the meeting was to establish contact between CAPARDUS and other Polar Cluster projects working with CBM and Citizen Science in the Arctic. Each of the responding project gave short oral presentations about their activities related to Community-based monitoring (CBM) and Citizen Science (CitSc). Finn gave a short introduction, then there were brief presentations by:

1. Halvor (FACE-IT) Geographer, group from Kongsfjorden, Grete Hovelsrud, social science, interdisciplinary, food production, tourism, work with stakeholders, identify observed changes (snow,cryosphere), inform natural science, case studies in Porsanger, Svalbard, Disko bukt, develop indicators.

2. Leena and Sirpa (CHARTER) Univ. Lappland, snow science, survey, collection of data, involve schools, develop protocols, CBM work by antropologists, related, to environmental change, plan partipitary workshops,

3. Leneisha (NUNATARYUK) Stockholm, permafrost, hosted community workshops, conducted workshop in Illlusiak in 2018, new workshops in Greenland, collected knowledge from communities, also sites in Svalbard, Canada, Russia. Adaptation and mitigation measures, no direct data collection, but reports on damages,

4. Niklas, Morten and Elmer (INTERACT). Infrastructure research network, AMAP protocols on pollution observations ? try to engange citizens in the areas of INTERCT stations, INTERACT guidelines for CBM ? educate tourists, etc.  what guidelines are needed,

5. Rikke (ECOTIP) Aalborg University, anthropologist, doing interviewes and workshops, Nuuk in November, adaptation in fisheries, visit many communities,

6. Tanja (JUSTNORTH).  Not attending

7. Lisbeth, Michael, Finn, Noor, Jay (CAPARDUS/INTAROS).

Discussion, and wrap up. Plan to repeat the meeting during next year.

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