SSSI workshop 29-31 October 2021

The objective of the workshop was to develop innovative collaboration between Svalbard-related social science research and the local community in Longyearbyen in the context of climate change and its impact, which is important for planning and adaptation in the Svalbard community.
Specifically, the workshop should
a) identify connections or overlap between the diverse projects represented in the SSSI in order to better coordinate research efforts
b) share preliminary results in order to plan further research
c) coordinate the dialogue with local actors in Longyearbyen in order to communicate in a constructive way
d) strengthen existing collaboration regarding all aspects of Svalbard-related social science research, including links to natural science projects, especially projects dealing with climate changes
in the Svalbard region
e) plan and develop new projects to extend the ongoing work in the SSSI group, where we can benefit from working together and engage local actors in an organized manner

UNIS, Longyearbyen
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