Kickoff meeting 3-4 February 2020

The Kickoff meeting was hosted by University of Copenhagen, Department of Food and Resource Economics, Rolighedsvej 25, 1958 Frederiksberg C, Copenhagen

03 February 1300 – ca. 1700:

Welcome and introduction, presentation of the participants (Stein Sandven, NERSC)

Towards successful implementation of CAPARDUS - EU project - Project management issues (Marie-Christine van Wunnik, European Commission)

Presentation of the Workpackages

WP1: Establish comprehensive framefork for Arctic standards (Torill Hamre & Peter Pulsifer, NERSC)

WP2: Case study in Greenland (Finn Danielsen, NORDECO)

WP3: Case study in Svalbard (Lisbeth Iversen, NERSC)

WP4: Case study in Russia (Nikita Vronskij, CSIPN and Martin Enghoff, NORDECO)

WP5: Case study in USA (Noor Johnson, ELOKA, Olivia Lee, UAF, and Finn Danielsen, NORDECO)

WP6: Arctic Best Practises (Pier Luigi Buttigieg, AWI, and Jay Pearlman, IEEE)

WP7: Synthesis, requirements and recommendations (Hanne Sagen, NERSC)

WP8: Communication and outreach (Stein Sandven, NERSC)

Ca. 1600-1700 (discussion until 1800 ?)

Pier Luigi Buttigieg/Jay Pearl man: A tutorial lecture on Best Practices and how it can be applied in the case ( will set up remote connection so the US people can attend)

From 1400: Noor Johnson,  from 1600: Olivia Lee

04 February 0900 – ca 1600:

  1. Prepare a scoping document for the project (D1.4). We will use the morning session to review and revise the workplan with focus on prioritized activities. We cannot address every aspect of standard development in the Arctic
  2. Other deliverables due in February and March 2020

D8.1 Communication plan (month 4)

D8.2 Project website and dissemination material (month 4)

D9.1 Website for project management and internal communication (month 2)

D9.2 Gender and diversity action plan (month 4)

D9.4 Data management plan (month 4)

D10.1 H – Requirements (month 3) information from Marie-Christine van Wunnik

D10.2 POPD – Requirements (month 6) information from Marie-Christine van Wunnik

D10.3 NEC - Requirements (month 3) information from Marie-Christine van Wunnik

  1. Plan for the first workshop in Greenland in the week 20-24  April (Birger Poppel, UoG, Martin Reinhardt Nielsen, UCP, Roel May, NINA)
  2. Other CAPARDUS events in 2020

Arctic Science Summit Week and Arctic Observing Summit in Iceland (27 March – 02 April)

Hokkaido University Summer Institute (18-20 August)

Arctic Circle + University of the Arctic Congress, Reykjavik (5 – 11 October)

CAPADUS workshop/Research school in Longyearbyen (Nov-Dec 2020)

  1. AOB


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