Documents from Svalbard

The CAPARDUS project has focus on documenting norms and conventions ranging from guidelines, practices, standards to regulations within selected areas important for people
in the Arctic. A survey for people living and working in Svalbard is prepared and will be used to gather information about status and development of standards in this region.

The report "Climate in Svalbard 2100" was commissioned by the Norwegian Environment Agency in order to provide basic information for use in climate change adaptation in Svalbard.  The report was published in 2018 and is available at

The Svalbard Social Science Initiative, SSSI has newly been founded as a grassroot initiative that brings a variety of social science researchers together in order to provide a planorm for the exchange and discussion of research issues and results, see A workshop report from November 2019 and the Annual report from 2021 are attached. 

Longyearbyen municipality has developed a strategic business plan for Svalbard in 2017 (in Norwegian)