OBPS WS5: Towards and Arctic Practices System - 20 Sept 2021

Session at ABPS WS5: Towards an Arctic Practices System

One of the goals of CAPARDUS is to develop a Roadmap to create an Arctic Practices System (APS), emulating part of the Ocean Best Practices System's functionality, but tailoring it to the needs of the Arctic region and its people. In this session, CAPARDUS partners introduced some of their consideration for the APS, and address questions such as:

  • Who should an Arctic Practice System be designed for? Different users groups will need different systems, or at least different user interfaces for using the system.
  • What should be the contents and functionality of an APS to be useful in different regions of the Arctic?
  • What should the OBPS store in its Arctic collection, which we build up in CAPRDUS as a precursor to an APS?
  • What will the CAPARDUS team suggest that systems like the OBPS can or must do to work in the Arctic region?
  • How can methodology management systems, such as the APS and OBPS, align their operations and strategy to link their holdings and communities?
  • How can we maintain (meta)data-level interoperability and help data systems in the Arctic and Ocean sustainably interact?
  • What activities and capacities are needed to support methodological exchange between community-based monitoring and citizen science initiatives in both the APS and OBPS?

This session speaks to a central part of the OBPS Strategic Plan and the Ocean Practices for the Decade Programme's objectives: to help communities create their own, regionally and locally relevant methodology management systems that strongly interoperate with one another. This undertaking will activate virtually all parts of the OBPS value chain, which will have counterparts in the APS

Presentations were given by Stein Sandven (Overview of CAPARDUS), Finn Danielsen (APS related to Greenland), Martin Enghof (APS related to Yakutia) and Pier-Luigi Buttigieg (Towards APS). The presentations are available at below.

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