Use of future analysis and Bayesian Belief Network models in Greenland - 12 Nov 2021

The workshop was a side event at Science Week in Nuuk, Greenland - November 2021. The workshop was organised by Martin R. Nielsen, Roel May, Birger Poppel as a joint event between CAPARDUS and FutureArcticLives.

The side event had two components:
1. From 10:00 to 12:00, the side event facilitated the presentation of projects and results. The purpose was to enable individuals working with future scenarios and BBN models and similar methods in the Arctic to meet across sectors to discuss their projects. All relevant projects were encouraged to give a short presentation regardless of where they are in their project cycle. Please write to Martin Reinhardt Nielsen for allocation of a timeslot (
2. From 13:00 to 16:00, the side event had focus on interpreting a BBN model developed by the CAPARDUS project ( to explore management options for the inshore halibut fishery in Greenland evaluating the outcome in different future scenarios. This part of the meeting was orientated towards stakeholders in the administration, scientific advisory institutions, the fisheries sector and associated organisations. The forum was open for everyone.

The presentations from the workshop are available below

Nuuk, Greenland
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