Establish a comprehensive framework for Arctic standards:
D1.1 Review of existing standards and frameworks relevant for the Arctic (M12)
D1.4 Scoping document for project (M4)

WP2 D2.1 Report including ACPS user requirements from workshop in Nuuk (M12)
WP4 D4.1 Report on interviews with users and stakeholders including ABPS requirements in Yakutia  (M12)
WP8 Communication and outreach:
D8.3 Education material for use in capacity-building (M7)
D8.1 Communication plan (M4)
D8.2 Project website and dissemination material (M4)

Project coordination and management:
D9.1 Website for project management and internal communication (M2)
D9.2 Gender and Diversity Action Plan (M4)
D9.4 Data Management Plan
D9.3 Plan for dissemination and exploitation ( M6, confidential)
D9.6 Data Management Plan including an Open Research Data Pilot (M4)

WP10 Ethics requirements:
D10.1 H Requirement No. 1 (M3),
D10.2 POD Requirement No. 2,
D10.3 NEC Requirement no. 3.
 - All WP10 documents are confidential -